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By Glass Majik

One of a kind Cremations
made individually with Loving Care & Respect


Memory Crystals ©  
is a specialized process of eternally
encasing loved ones'
(including pets)
cremains in fused glass.

The cornerstone philosophy centers around the process
of love and respect for your family.
Tamara's unique angelic pendants have taken months to create.
Each piece contains quartz crystals from the mountains of California
and or a
small sterling silver charm.

This is a one of a kind process that completely seals loved one ashes 
in glass by fusing them into one solid piece.
There is no glue or sealant to come apart.
This is a permanent piece of living art that will stay with
you and your family forever.
Unlike other products,
this can be worn
in the shower, pool or lake
or hung in a window to catch the light.

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Each pendant is wrapped in Sterling silver wire

and arrives in an Elegant Black Velvet Box.

These pendants are a perfect gift or a memory of your own.

Due to the nature of the fused glass and the distinctive ash within, each piece is slightly different and unique

This unique shape is the product of a few very special inspirations;
I'd like to Thank Denise for contacting me with this special project, 
A special thank you to Cody Thompson & his guitar pick collection

Cremation Jewelry

Memery Crystals

Namaste Memory Crystal
Available without ash

 Memory Crystals with Vibhuti Ash and  Quartz crystals

Vibhuti-Energized Ash is used to dispel negativity, infuse the body with inner energy,
and increase positivity

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